Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Where has February went?

WOW! This year is really flying by. No matter the good intentions I had set for this year, I have fallen behind. I have not had much time to create lately at all! Those snow days that I had planned haven't happened...LOL I have been doing a bit of organizing so it will be easier to create when I do have time. Do you have a lot of Close to my Heart Stamps? Are you looking for a good way to organize and store them? Here is the perfect solution! 4D concepts storage tower
This fits the stamps perfectly making it easy to organize and keep things straight!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oh Holy Night

Here is another page I created yesterday. I used another one of Kristin's kits for this page. I love the sweet smile on Makayla's face and how the papers and elements in this kit set off the photos.

Here is the kit that can be found at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'll Love you Forever

Hi everyone! I hope you have found some time for yourself to craft or scrap some since my last post. I have found little time lately to do much with my crazy life, but finally found some time to do a little bit of scrapping. I was SO VERY inspired by the new kit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow that I had to make time to scrap this sweet picture of Makayla.

 Here is the kit I used and you can find it at Sweet Shoppe Designs

 I hope you can find something to inspire you and you can carve out some creative times for yourselves!! Happy Superbowl Weekend!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Class Kits with Video!

Do you wish you had time to attend a cool class, but it just never works out? Do you go to class and don't finish and then have questions later? I have had those issues myself so I am working on having a class kit and video series to help with these problems! You will buy the Class kit and I will mail that to you and included with be a link to the class video of me putting together the kit, walking you through step by step!!!

Great Benefits Include:
* Completing a Class in whatever you want to wear!
*Taking all the time you need to complete your project
*No gas expense of traveling to class
*You can do the class on your OWN time!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge #89

It felt so good to actually get to create something today! Not only did I get to create, but I got to use my own enamel embellishments!!  I fell in love with the sketch challenge from Atlantic Hearts today. I have several ideas running through my head so I am hoping to create some more with inspiration from this sketch. I encourage you to rise to the challenge and create something of your own from their sketch. Here is what I created today:
Supplies used:
Sketch #89 found HERE
Close To My Heart (CTMH) Brushed paper
CTMH Artbooking Cricut Cartridge
CTMH Stamp Sets: D1627 Your Own Kind of Wonderful
A1119 A Garden (which is retired and not available right now)
CTMH inks in Juniper and Canary
CTMH Twin Touch Alcohol Markers
enamel dots made from perler beads (tutorial on my blog)
glitter tape from Walmart

Friday, January 2, 2015

Gotta Love Enamel Dots... but NOT the price!

Ok, I admit it, I have been LOVING the enamel dots I have been seeing from all the different designers, but I do NOT like the price of them! They are very expensive and eat into a budget very quickly. I saw this idea on a group I am in that used Perler beads, but was skeptic. I looked on Pinterest, and again skeptical, looked on YouTube...yep you guessed it...skeptic again. I was at Walmart and decided to pick some up to play with. I will tell you, I am no longer a skeptic!!! IT WORKS!
Not sure what Perler Beads are? Remember back in the good ole days you used to make those shapes with beads and then use an iron to melt them together? Those little plastic beads that my grandma loved to buy me and my mother cussed?? Yeah, those things!!  Those fun little beads are what you need. Don't remember them, well that's ok, here's a picture:
This bucket was only $7.00 at our local Walmart. Yes, you can get them cheaper with a coupon at Joann's or a craft store but out here you do what you can with what you have! I picked up this bucket with a lot of fun colors in it for a lot of variety. 

 Here is how you make them. Set your oven to 350 degrees then line your pan with PARCHMENT paper. It is very important to use parchment paper or a craft mat that can withstand heat. You will place your Perler beads with the hole upright so it looks like a donut on the baking sheet. I baked mine for 30-35 minutes. You want to make sure that they are melted all the way and do not have a little indention in the middle. *IF YOU USE GLITTER OR METALLIC ONES THEY WILL HAVE AN INDENTION IN THEM NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU BAKE THEM*

Here is what mine look like once they were melted
Here is a closer up view
You will notice that I have 3 different sizes. To get the bigger ones you need to stack 2 beads on top of each other. It is a bit tricky but worth it if you want big ones. The next size are just one bead. The minis are a regular ones cut in half with a pair of scissors.

So there you have it, your own CHEAP way to make your own enamel dots! It's cheap, easy, and very fun to do! If you go to a bigger city there are more options or you can do what I did, and just on Amazon and look at all of theirs. I have striped ones on the way :) Hope to make a card using my own dots very soon so be on the look out for that post!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Meeting Santa

WOOHOO, I might not make it the whole year, but I am starting the New Year off right!! Happy 2015 everyone. I am meeting my first resolution and posting my first page of the year. This is a digital scrapbook page that uses Kristin Cronin-Barrow's A Christmas Wonderland Collection found at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I am so in love with this set of pictures that I took on a snowy morning. I can't wait to scrap the rest of them. Did you know that taking pictures when the sun is not shining is actually the best time to take pictures? Just use a fill flash on your camera and you will have success!!! Happy New Year everyone. May 2015 be as blessed as 2014 was, and even more so.

It's almost here...are YOU ready??

It's almost time to ring in a new year again. Where in the world did the past year go?? It seems the older I get the faster the years fly by. I was told over and over that happens and not to blink an eye because my babies would be grown up before I knew it, but honestly I didn't pay too much attention....until now. Now it is hitting me that next Christmas I will have a JUNIOR in high school... say what....WOW!!! I remember when she was in preschool. I will also be getting ready for another 8th grade graduation party for our son, I just had Cassandra's didn't I?? Makayla will be turning 2, yes TWO. Anyway with all of these thoughts racing through my head it has left me with the resolve this year to actually make a resolution. I am NOT a fan of resolutions, but this year I feel that I need to put a few goals in place. So to help keep me accountable, I am sharing a few of them with you :)

1. I will post here at least once a week.
2. I will craft more, share a tutorial, or a helpful tip here at least once a month.

So, have you been bitten by the resolution bug? If so, I would love to hear about it. If you post a  comment of one or more of your own personal resolutions you will be entered into a drawing for a special little stamp set! Let's make this a great new year!!

Monday, December 1, 2014


To go along with the amazing Cyber Monday Sale, they have sweetened the deal with the DEAL OF THE DECADE SALE!!

This is seriously a crafter's dream! Rubber stamps add so much to any project you are working on! I encourage you to try it if you haven't. This is the perfect time to pick up some great Greeting Card sayings for all those cards you are going to make with Artfully Sent or a few sets to add some jazz to a scrapbook page made so easily with Artbooking......the possibilities are endless!!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


ON MONDAY DECEMBER 1, 2014 ONLY, Close to my Heart will be offering 20% off ANY of our Exclusive Cricut Cartridges. If you have been wishing for one of our amazing collections, now is the time to order! This offer is only good on MONDAY DECEMBER 1. You don't want to miss this sale!